Whether you are joining us for food and drinks or taking in a live band, there’s always plenty to entertain at BTW. Upstairs, the Eglesbrech Ale and Whisky Bar has earned us a place in CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide. Our food options are to say the least mouth watering. Also our 60 seat beer garden, free wifi and a continually updated events calendar make us an outstanding and inclusive social hub for the whole community. For more information or to ask us any questions please feel free to give us a call.


Apply for a BTW privilege card & receive valuable points every time you visit. 10% of all purchases refunded as points for you to spend the next time you buy at BTW


BTW is a unique destination which aims to provide a safe and comfortable venue for all ages and social groups. We are always here to serve you and adapt to trends and customer expectations. From frothy cappuccinos in the morning to late night music and dancing BTW has something for everyone, whoever you are.


This is Paul, the commanding Chief here at BTW.

Paul’s real name is Laszlo Tamas Zoltanof and comes from a long line of Hungarian dog breeders. He currently has 3 Huskies, 4 Labradoodles and 4 foot long deaf Chihuahua who only understands Hungarian sign language.

In here when we say ‘hair of the dog’ we don’t mean a hangover cure, we mean the amount of fluff coming off his clothes. When he first came to BTW he didn’t know a lick of English and learned the language watching re-runs of Bullseye and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

He and his pack of poorly pups now reside in Falkirk and you’ll usually see him getting dragged up and down Grahams road.

His cocktail of the week is called the Orange Mocha Martini. A fusion of Jameson's orange, kahlua, espresso and chocolate.

Give it a try 🍹

Ladies and gentlemen. Meet Ewan.

Little known fact about Ewan, he had a bitter court battle with the Baha Men in 2016 in a dispute over who actually “let the dogs out”. The case was closed without an outcome.

After the court battle, Ewan invited the Baha Men to the Time Capsule where they enjoyed several goes round the lazy river and a few trips down the flumes.

The guys then became good friends and now enjoy fortnightly fishing trips and share countless muffin recipes.

His cocktail this week is a play on the long Island iced tea, with irn bru instead of cola.

Take it from us. It's delicious. Give it a go this week at BTW 😋

Lucie is one of the top tier at BTW. She's hard-working, infectiously funny, and so so sound.

A while back, Lucie had a brief love affair with actor Timothee Chalamet in Alaska, where they lived in a Teepee and made dream catchers to pass the time.

After a brutal argument over what colour dreamcatcher best suited their tiny living room the couple separated, so Lucie had to lay low and move back to Falkirk when she became head bouncer at Subway.

Completely unrelated, but the paparazzi haven’t managed to get a photo of her since 2018, and they won't be getting one from us.

Imagine a margarita with a strawberry twist. The strawberry cooler ticks all the boxes for us. Give it a try 🍹

Jason here is the newest addition to our management team.

As an avid serial hoarder, Jason has many weird and wonderful collections. His favourite? The original VHS copies of the fast and furious movies.

The only thing Jason likes more than hoarding, is competing in illegal underground rock, paper scissors tournaments for money. After having his kneecaps taken in 2015, he's since had them replaced in the world's first kneecap transplant, by a doctor who got his medical licence from a small village in rural Papa new guinea. To say he's a medical marvel is about as kind as we can be.

His new cocktail is called 'Fourth man in the fire'! It's a phenomenal twist on a margarita, with a little bit of spice. 🌶️🔥

Big Aidan is very much part of the furniture at BTW. Creating cocktails like a machine, he already has one named after him on our menu.

When Aidans not writing fictional stories about neo-Christian Goblins and pacifist Cowboys, he enjoys drinking vermouth out of Powerade bottles and throwing big sticks in front roller skaters in Callander park. A sport he calls ‘Sticky, Sticky, Sore Face’. He hopes to introduce the sport into the Beijing Olympic games.

Go on Aidan!

Sorry, went a bit off topic there. Aidan's newest creation is called the blue dream. Get him to make you one. 🍹

Evening btw fans. This here is Charlotte. Another of our newbies, she is the silent assassin of the bar team.

After starting a cult called ‘The Flat Earth Society’ at the tender age of 14, Charlotte went on to earn millions after inventing soundless velcro. The good times didn’t last long though, as she spent all of her money gambling her wealth on what attractions would gather the biggest crowds at Sea World. The Swishy Fishy’s lost her a bloody fortune.

Moving on, she's made a cocktail. The Cuban pornstar swaps out vodka for Havana Cuban spiced rum, and is flavoured with mango. We love our Charlotte, and we love her cocktail.

Give it a try

Delicious New addition to the BTW Craft beer range. ...

Evening folks. This is Ben.

Ben is one of our newest bartenders, and one of our biggest rising stars. He adores pressing wild flowers. In his spare time he enjoys power walking while listening to experimental jazz. But his passion is whittling, his speciality being whittling a spoon from a slightly bigger spoon.

Anyway, he has his own cocktail on special this week, the Orchard Breeze. It's a refreshing combination of apple and mango, with a blast of citrusy lime vodka.

Ask him about it next time you're in. 🍹